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Registering Your Team

Team Requirements

As captain of your team, you agree to provide the following to tournament staff:

  1. Team payment (due at registration)

  2. Provide Completed Team Roster (editable via tourneymachine until Thursday, February 13th, 2025)

  3. Time preferences (Form will be provided to registered teams, due by Friday, January 24th, 2025)

  4. Individual players must complete Assumption of Risk, Liability Waiver & Release via tournament check in process.


VIP Tents
VIP Tents are back (in limited quantities)! Teams can purchase a VIP Tent for $495 at the time of registration. VIP Tents include:
- Private team area rinkside within the beer garden
- Eskimo Fatfish 9416 Tent
- Benches inside & outside tent
- Fire pit

- Note: Tents may not be set up until team arrival/check-in if we need to keep the setup area clear for snow removal

To Register for a VIP Tent, make sure to register a second "team" with an identical name for the "VIP Tent" division.
*Promo codes may not be applied to VIP Tents.

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