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How do I add/remove/change players on my team?

After captains submit their roster, they can make changes by emailing us at


When is the latest I can make a roster change?
Captains are permitted to make roster changes until they check in at the tournament, any final roster changes made within a week of the tournament will be done during the check-in process. 


Can I play for more than 1 team? 
Players may only play for 1 team in the tournament. 

What preparations are made on the ice?
Preparations vary from year to year based on the weather conditions proceeding the event, typically we do a few large floods to set a base, followed by lighter flooding to create a better skating surface. We recently invested in a 40-year-old diesel Zamboni, if ice thickness permits, this will be utilized. 

How are rinks maintained throughout the tournament?
Our ice crew uses several techniques to maintain the rinks, including, slush to fix cracks, turkey burners to smooth out rough spots, flooding, and squeegees. The players also play a vital role in scrapping the rinks with our MANPLOWS before, during & after each game - this is critical to helping our ice crew maintain rinks.  


Will there be a place to change and put on gear?

We have a changing tent that is open, there are restrooms in the lodge if some needs to change fully.


Have a question?

Email with additional questions not answered here.

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