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About Our MPHC Trophy

After skating your heart out all weekend long, some people might be happy taking home a shiny plastic hockey player on top of a small piece of marble and colorful plastic tube... at the Maine Pond Hockey Classic we find that unacceptable. After battling the elements and whatever ice conditions Mother Nature allows for the weekend you deserve more, much more! 

That's why our Maine Pond Hockey Classic Tournament Committee worked diligently to develop a ONE OF A KIND trophy that mirrors the hard work and dedication it takes to win on the pond.

Our trophy starts with collecting old, broken, used, beat-up, or otherwise discarded hockey sticks & shafts. Since Mainer’s (Main-ah’s) hate to throw out anything, the idea of incorporating previously utilized hockey sticks & shafts is ideal to our staff.

Once we have our sticks together we rely on the craftsmanship of our neighbors at Reynolds Custom Woodworks, who specialize in custom kitchen cabinetry, but will do most anything - because they can. At Reynolds Custom Woodworks they use their cabinetry skills to join the sticks together and cut the joined sticks into the State of Maine, the focal point of our trophy. After that, there is some gluin’ and screwin’, but you get the idea, this is a truly unique trophy that others would be an excellent addition to anyone’s trophy case, man-cave, mantle, etc… it basically looks good everywhere. 

Get your squad together and join us for the Maine Pond Hockey Classic and you just might get to take home one of these bad boys!

Like our trophies?

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