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Whether you're a resident or a visitor, Sidney invites you to embrace the slower pace of life, surrounded by nature's beauty and the warmth of community. Discover the heartland of central Maine – Sidney awaits your exploration!


Messalonskee Lake

Experience the magic of Messalonskee Lake in winter! Snow-kissed shores, frozen landscapes, and a peaceful stillness make it a snowy paradise. Whether you're ice fishing, snowshoeing, or simply admiring the serene beauty, Messalonskee Lake transforms into a winter wonderland waiting to be explored. Embrace the chill and discover a new side to this enchanting destination.


Downtown Waterville

Step into a winter wonderland in Downtown Waterville! Twinkling lights, cozy cafes, and a festive atmosphere create a magical setting. Stroll through snow-dusted streets, explore local boutiques, and warm up with a cup of hot cocoa. From holiday markets to seasonal events, downtown is the heart of winter joy. Embrace the chilly enchantment in Downtown Waterville!


Camden National Bank Ice Vault

Skate into winter fun at the Camden National Bank Ice Vault in Hallowell! Whether you're a pro or a first-timer, the Ice Vault is where winter memories are made. Join the frosty festivities and let the good times glide!


Quarry Road Recreation Area

Discover a snowy paradise at Quarry Road Recreation Area! Trails adorned in white, crisp winter air, and the thrill of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing await. Embrace the serene beauty, enjoy the hush of the winter woods, and relish the outdoor wonders. Quarry Road in winter is where nature and adventure collide. Lace up and explore the snowy magic!

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